Does your Board have a Digital DNA?

We help bridge the uncertainty gap between your strategic vision and the technology opportunity that can underpin this


Board Advisory

The Problem we are Trying to Solve

The world is changing at lightning speed: technology advancement is changing traditional economic models, business paradigms and, of course, consumer behaviour. Companies are under increasing pressure to future-proof their businesses through innovation to create shareholder value.

Boards can no longer afford to rely on traditional methods of doing business; technology now plays an integral role in both the operational effectiveness of a business and is in fact often the strategic differentiator.


What Does the Research Say

Our research tells us that boards want to play a more effective supervisory role in the stewardship of the digital/IT agenda yet often lack the confidence and knowledge to assess the organisation's ability to manage these large programmes of change.



recognise that IT's strategic contribution will increase in 2014 and that greater investment is needed to achieve this

Gartner/Forbes survey of board members


of companies currently have a board-level technology committee, where directors are assigned to focus on the strategic use of IT

The Board Institute

Board Advisory Value Proposition

Our Value

  • Offers a structured approach to help boards oversee responsibilities by providing a cohesive link between the board and the executive.
  • Provides a strategic earpiece to the board (and executive) to help identify IT issues that may not currently be on the management board's radar.
  • Helps the organisation anticipate and react to trends with a much greater degree of confidence - helping the board know what it should (and shouldn't) be addressing on new digital initiatives.
  • Contributes flexibility based on the company specific circumstances, including leading oversight practices to facilitate with the CIO, company management and broader stakeholder groups.

Our Solution

This is not consulting as you recognise it today. The Digital Board is made up of Executives who are in full time positions but are looking for challenging Non-Executive assignments that play to their experience.

Your team will be a mix of experienced business oriented technology leaders who will work with you and the Executive team on some of the key technology decisions you face.

They will form part of your strategic business and technology agenda. They work in a part time capacity somewhere between four and twelve days per year. Their mission will vary depending on your business need.

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