Is your business extracting enough value from IT?

Managing IT Projects effectively is only part of the story (managing the right projects well is quite a different one)


IT Value and Governance

The Problem We are Trying to Solve

"Recognition of IT's strategic importance is growing, but so is dissatisfaction with its effectiveness" - so concludes The McKinsey Global IT Survey published in 2014.  At The Digital Board we recognise that Executive Boards need to take action to address the performance of IT: to improve IT Governance, to ensure that technology spending is directed to the right initiatives, and that it is achieving value for money. We have a framework that allows executives to gain assurance on these perspectives with objectivity and granularity.

For CEOs and CFOs, the appropriateness and efficiency of technology investments and running costs are cloaked in mystery:
•  Are you doing the right things?
•  Are you doing them well enough?
•  How do you know?

Is IT spending being directed to initiatives aligned with strategy and offering the best returns? Is it being used effectively to reduce costs, raise productivity, and increase revenues?  These  are questions that most CEOs and CFOs and even CIOs find difficult to answer.

At The Digital Board we know that governance over IT is best led from the top, with open communication between the Executive Board and the CIO. We are committed to assisting corporate leaders to ensure that technology risks are mitigated, that investments are made appropriately, and that they deliver on expected returns.
We believe that effective IT governance requires informed dialogue, and that support to the CEO, CFO, and CIO is key to provide adequate comprehension of IT performance and risks.

Our Solution 

•  Provide you with the capability to ensure that you are investing in the right technology initiatives.
•  Improve alignment between IT expenditure and business strategy.
•  Help you to measure that you are getting the optimal return on your technology investments.
•  Advise on risks and exposures within the IT estate.
•  Enhance communication, comprehension, and capability  between business and IT le


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