Is your team fit to lead?

We help you define, assess and embed the right leadership behaviours within your IT function


Leadership Diagnostic

The Problem We are Trying to Solve

The climate for business has never been so dynamic or challenging. Mature markets like the US and Europe are under enormous pressure to deliver growth, while sustaining their margins. Business can no longer rely on their investment in emerging markets to bridge the revenue gap. Companies are therefore having to innovate to avoid long term decline and many are turning to digital as their silver bullet.

But, what does it mean for the Chief Information Officer and their relationship between the Executive Board?

While many CIOs are very well equipped to lead in this challenging world, the teams beneath them (and further down) are in the forefront of where a lot of the decisions are made. They have not had the exposure to the board or the senior management team in the same way and often, the leadership development they have received has been very generic / non contextual.

At The Digital Board, we believe it starts with the CIO forming a unified culture of leadership within IT; a culture that is aligned to the business ambition and is underpinned by a leadership framework that operates as a bridge between ambition and ability. In the words of a leading CIO: “it's one thing to be good at project delivery, the leadership skill is knowing which are the right projects to deliver.”

Business Pressure

  • Delivering growth while sustaining margin
  • Reducing complexity and improving speed to market
  • Innovating their product set with dynamic pricing models based on customer demand
  • Simplifying the business by delayering the organization and creating greater accountability of leaders

Effective IT Leadership

  • Provides the capability to exceed your customers expectations in a digital world?
  • Improves operational and strategic agility?
  • Ensures that you have the business capabilities required from IT?
  • Ensure that the business is extracting sufficient value from your current IT portfolio ensuring they are fully aware of the opportunities and threats that exist?

The role of The Digital Board

  • We help you define a culture of leadership that aligns to your business ambition and IT strategy
  • We provide a leadership framework for change
  • Provide targeted assessment and development designed specifically for information technology leaders helping improve individual and team capability
  • Using our sophisticated diagnostic tool we help you to identify both the talent gaps that exist and development interventions required

Our Value - 9 Essential Leadership Competencies



Impact and influence

Able to influence a broad range of stakeholders using fact based arguments while also being able to tap into the emotional drivers of others.

Champions innovation and leading change

Champions innovation as a primary driver of business transformation.

Leading others

Demonstrates ability to take people with them through change.


Leading self (Emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry)

Regulates their emotions by promoting a calm authority.

Able to simplify and break down complexity

Simplifies complex issues by breaking them down into smaller, solvable problems.

Comfortable with ambiguity

Provides strong leadership in a dynamic and evolving environment of change.


Managing operational effectiveness

Has helped mature the overall IT capability towards a more robust and standardised approach.

Driving results

Demonstrates an ability to challenge the business rationale for change.

Governance and commercial discipline

Safeguards IT security, brand reputation and financial resources.

Our Solution

Our leadership diagnostic tool has been developed as a result of over 500 executive stakeholder meetings and 5000 CIO/IT leadership interviews. The tool seeks to help organisations align their leadership teams under a single leadership framework made up of 9 critical leadership competencies. The competencies are further underpinned by a series of behavioural anchors that help assess the actual level of competency.

As well as a traditional assessment framework, the tool can also operate as an essential aid in supporting broader HR decisions making including: succession planning discussions as well as performance versus potential decisioning criteria. Using the 9 x 9 competency matrix we have developed within the leadership diagnostic tool, it can really help provide contextual decision making support.