What Our Clients Say

  • Bryan and the Digital Board continue to deliver great work internationally for the Alliance Boots organisation. We appreciate them taking the time to understand our core business values and culture, out of which has blossomed a long-term trusted partnership. What we like about Bryan is his willingness to adapt the typical working style to the way our business requires, and this may well be different depending on the project and/or business area. This flexible approach is really important to us, and knowing that Bryan “gets” us, gives us trust in him to know which candidates to shortlist – and he always gets it right first time. Bryan’s thorough assessment and understanding of people puts him in a strong position to quickly identify suitable candidates that will be successful in a highly entrepreneurial complex organisation like Alliance Boots. We are a demanding client in terms of delivery expectations and niche candidate profile requirements, and Bryan has the patience and tenacity to stick with challenging projects, as well as helping us with our thinking. Bryan is also highly commercial which makes him credible when talking to both business leaders and candidates. His impressive market knowledge, which is fuelled by an extensive global network, always drives interesting and worthwhile discussions.
    Rebekah Saunders
    Rebekah Saunders, Head of Resourcing for Global Wholesale and International Retail Alliance Boots
  • Bryan brings a fresh and energetic approach to bear and he is a pleasure to work with as both a client and as a candidate. His experience has brought him to understand that no two roles and no two candidates are the same. He shows a professional determination to ensure that the needs of the client are understood and contextually matched to the unique characteristics of the candidate. He cares about the right match and it shows.
    Charlie Forte, Independent Consultant
  • Bryan has a track record of pushing the boundaries of executive development. He helps stakeholders, at all levels, to appreciate and navigate both the complexities and opportunities of technology. Perhaps most importantly he does this with an elegance and a compassion for an individual's success. Together, when added to a boundless energy, a commitment to deliver and do what's right, makes his company a very attractive package".
    David Boulter
    David Boulter, CDO Kaplan
  • Bryan combines powerful observation and analytical skills with personal empathy, energy, enthusiasm, and a commitment to client outcomes to deliver personnel solutions that drive real business value. Moreover, he develops enduring relationships with candidates as well as clients to ensure a personal network that continues to build benefit for all contributors.
    Paul Tasker
    Paul Tasker, Global Transformation Executive HP
  • Who he knows, what he knows and perhaps more importantly how he goes about it is what sets Bryan apart… his leadership and drive for progress, his ability to empathise and understand and not least his boundless energy and commitment… through the Digital Board I work with Bryan in the role of advisor to my team helping us shape our future together as one of the team.
    Colin Windsor
    Colin Windsor, COO Truphone
  • I like the way Bryan operates intuitively to cut to the chase. He is provocative and this means he is very good at stimulating change. He knows all the facets of the IT Industry very well and this enables him to operate across the full spectrum of what is an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.
    Richard Davis
    Richard Davis, Group CIO International SOS
  • I had the opportunity to know recently Bryan and to work with him, I can say that he's a qualified senior professional that combines at the same time strong leadership, deep expertise and emotional intelligence. His ability in envisioning the future and generating opportunities is distinctive and well balanced by his sense of timing, definitely his ideas are often unique and surprising. Bryan makes a difference indeed.
    Stefano Brandinali
    Stefano Brandinali, Regional IT Director Alliance Boots
  • I first crossed path with Bryan as a headhunter, and immediately learned about his high reputation as a consultant. I then realised he's often engaged as a change leader and I'm not surprised that people consider him as a strong mentor. Bryan is a combination of all these elements and in my opinion that makes him the ideal business partner.
    Marcello Ferrari
    Marcello Ferrari, Director of Regional Operations Alliance Boots
  • I have known Bryan for many years and have worked with him both as a candidate as well as a client. Bryan is a unique person with a tremendous level of energy always looking for ways to improve. His ability to “read” people combined with his deep knowledge and interest in organisation, people and career development, make him an ideal partner when trying to build strong result driven organisations.
    Henrik Peterson
    Henrik Peterson, Director Enterprise Applications Architecture at CGI
  • Bryan has considerable experience and when combined with his connections makes him able to understand the changes in the technology environment and the challenges or opportunities it provides for boards. His leadership and drive along with his ability to communicate and empathise make a convincing business model. I look forward to seeing the impact of the Digital Board.
    David Cooper
    David Cooper, CIO British Gas
  • I have known Bryan for many years and he has always been an excellent source of wise counsel. He has the knack of presenting challenges constructively, can be relied upon to bring some energy and enthusiasm into a debate and demonstrates genuine commitment to see things through. His network of contacts is second to none and he leverages this to great effect and collective, mutual benefit.
    Chris Broe
    Chris Broe, Ex CIO Rentokil